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Seeking Nominations for 2017 Business & Person of the Year Awards


I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou


As each year comes to a close, the United Regional Chamber reflects back throughout the year to recognize those who are making a positive impact on our communities through philanthropy, volunteerism and outstanding leadership.

To be sure no one is overlooked, we request nominations for our prestigious “2017 Business of the Year” and “2017 Person of the Year” Awards to be honored at our January Annual Meeting.

To nominate:

Please complete the form(s) below and return to the United Regional Chamber of Commerce by December 28, 2017.

2017 Person of the Year – Nomination Form

2017 Business of the Year – Nomination Form

As always, we thank you for your participation in recognizing outstanding businesses and citizens in our region. They truly are making a difference.

B and M Catering Delivers a Spectacular Barbeque for Chamber Member Rebecca Marshall-Howarth

B and M Catering

I hired B and M Catering to deliver food for our team, Steve’s Soldiers, luncheon after this year’s Colon Cancer Coalition’s Get Your Rear in Gear Boston 5K. Every year, I host a lunch for the team which includes members of my late husband’s family as well as friends who participate in the event or donate to our team. And this was the best lunch in the six years that I’ve been doing this.

Unabridged Barbeque

The food was fabulous! I ordered the Unabridged Barbeque which came with a lifetime supply of salsa and chips (biggest bowl of salsa I have EVER seen – and it was really good), two huge pans of ribs (which were more than we needed – I gave away the second pan of ribs), and steak tips that were pretty much the most tender steak tips I’ve ever tasted. Rounding out the menu were delicious roasted potatoes, a garden salad, and cornbread. Everybody wanted the corn bread recipe! It was warm when it arrived, which was an extra added bonus.
I ordered food for 25. We had 27 people (granted four were children) and there was plenty of food for people to take home and for my daughter and me to eat for the next few days. We potentially could’ve had 35 people and there still would’ve been enough food.

The young man who delivered the food was courteous and on time. He had everything he needed, including the water for the chafing dishes. And he set it all up for me. I didn’t have to do anything. Made my day much less stressful. And when you’re expecting 30 or more people to descend on your house, there can be a lot of stress.

The United Regional Chamber of Commerce Builds Business Connections

I wouldn’t have known about B and M Catering if I didn’t belong to the United Regional Chamber of Commerce. B and M catered the URCC’s Open House this past winter and I was really impressed with the food as well as the presentation so I decided to give them a try. I will certainly hire them again. And if I could get that cornbread recipe, I would be a hero!

How the United Regional Chamber has Changed My Life

Chris Bond, Murphy Business & Financial Corp.

Business Networking Through the Chamber

Networking is hard, awkward, and, when at night, it takes me away from family time. The first event I ever attended was in 1997. My wife wheeled me out the door, my knuckles white from gripping my chair. Regardless, I network – a lot –because it works, especially through the United Regional Chamber of Commerce (URCC). I’ve been a member of the URCC for 15 years with three small businesses. It’s paid for itself countless times over.

You may say, “Over 15 years, an investment ought to pay off.” I’d stopped networking many years ago and was beyond rusty. When I opened this business brokerage office in 2009 in the teeth of the recession, I had to get back to basics. The smartest thing I did was tell URCC President Jack Lank that I’d put everything on the line with my family to pursue a dream and I was going to need a lot of help. Jack got to work referring me to other URCC members.

Meeting People and Making Business Connections

At a business after hours, Jack introduced me to Brian Hanley, senior vice president at Middlesex Savings Bank. Brian referred me to Joe, and about a month later, Joe’s brother joined our growing team at Murphy. He referred me to Andy, who’s a client, and then to Al and Tom, who’re as well. He told me I should meet Dave Bennett in the MSB Natick office. Dave introduced me to Mark, who bought a master territory with the help of our franchise expert. Connecting me to Brian has meant many thousands of dollars in transacted business over the past year.

Jack told me to attend Executive Express-o (so expertly run by CEO coach Charlie Miller. There I met Kelly Fox, advisor with Ameriprise Financial, and Ed Drozda, principle with E&D Associates. They led me to two clients and another Murphy team member. I wouldn’t know any of these people – some 14 in all – without the URCC.

The URCC delivers so much value that it’s hard to track. I thank Jack, his staff, and the countless connections I’ve made that have helped make my business what it is.

P.E.A.C.E. of Mind

In my role as President and CEO of the United Regional Chamber of Commerce, I’m often asked “what does a Chamber of Commerce do?”. Not every Chamber is the same, nor are their mission statements. You might know chambers for their activities—perhaps ribbon cuttings, the Chamber’s annual golf tournament or you know that they have their business directory, hold lots of meetings and have some fun events. But what does the Chamber really do beyond those basics and why is your annual investment so important?

The United Regional Chamber of Commerce offers its members P.E.A.C.E of mind.

P is for Problem Solving—The Chamber is a resource for solving challenges and needs our members may have, as well as being a hub for discussion on key issues affecting the business community.

E is for Economic Development—The Chamber is an engine for economic development through work in business retention and expansion, helping solve workforce issues, and helping members grow.

A is for Advocacy —Simply put, the Chamber fights for the interests of our members at the local, state and even federal levels and provides forums for you to voice your concerns and ideas to leaders at all levels of government. Sign up, join in, and engage when we host these events. Adding your voice makes every business in the community stronger.

C is for Connection—Whether it is networking receptions, thousands of referrals we provide, cost savings programs, tools we provide on our websites to connect our members with other members and the public, business expos, partnerships we can help build between businesses and community non-profits, or connecting our members to new customers through our social media platforms, the Chamber can connect companies to those they need to do business with every day.

E is for Education—Whether it is policy events, candidate forums, business education series, information-packed weekly newsletters, business councils or other events throughout the year, the Chamber gives you the information you need to succeed. Our goal is to provide educational opportunities that keep our businesses more informed and better prepared to address the challenges of the day!

PEACE of mind doesn’t come easy; it takes a full team committed to core values of serving you.

So, to answer that earlier question of “What does the Chamber do?” Together, our staffs and boards help create PEACE of mind to the members of the business community.

If you want your business to increase and expand, get involved in the United Regional Chamber of Commerce. Our tag line is “People Do Business With People They Know” contact us today, we want to help you!

For more information about the United Regional Chamber of Commerce visit or for regular updates follow us on Facebook at . As always, you are invited to contact me directly anytime – .