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I Have Gotten Business…“Chamber membership has been an effective marketing and networking strategy for me. I have gotten direct referrals from Jack Lank, been introduced to other members who have brought me business and have been participating in an Extreme Networking Group that holds great promise as a strictly B2B network. I have also gotten business from participating in other activities such as the Business After Hours and Executive Express-o. Lastly, I was able to target certain Chamber members who were in a position to recommend clients and found them very willing to do so.”

Leo Charpentier
Dynamic Lease Corporation


You may not realize it, but The United Regional Chamber of Commerce represents approximately 400 businesses of all sizes, from virtually all industries in 16 local communities, all right under your nose which, you have access to.

It’s an organization whose sole purpose is to help local businesses grow and prosper.


We Have Seen Our Business Increase…“We have been members of other Chambers in the past with limited success and found that many of them are focused on Government regulations and not business development. This Chamber is all about business, networking and connections. Our other reason for joining was Jack Lank. I have known Jack for 20 years and find him to be honest and forthright. He gets to know the members takes an interest in them and wants them to succeed.”“We have seen our business increase along with a new network of people that not only use our services but refer us to others. We have also seen a greater awareness of the products and services that we offer and been introduced to some incredible vendors that help us reach our goals.”

Ken Abrahams
FUN Enterprises, Inc.


The United Regional Chamber of Commerce understands that people do business with people they know. We are your front door to 16 communities and one of the first places local consumers, businesses, residents and companies look for information about our area.


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When you join the Chamber, the benefits kick in right from the start with lots of great publicity. To begin, we introduce you to all the members of our community through our newsletter, on our website and via our well visited Facebook page.

From there, you will have a number of opportunities to connect with local people via Business After Hours events, Extreme Networking groups, business oriented seminars, and the many other meetings and functions which take place throughout the year.

It’s a value-packed membership that can deliver lasting results for years to come.

To get the complete list of member benefits you’ll receive through the chamber, give us a call today: 508-316-0861.